Gullco International Limited was incorporated in the Province of Ontario with prime objective of supplying highly durable weld automation equipment to the steel fabrication industry throughout Canada.



Gullco became the exclusive distributor in Canada for a number of U.S. and European companies manufacturing weld automation equipment, the most prominent company being Pandjiris Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri, a leader in the manufacture of weld seamers, positioners, fixturing, and manipulation equipment.

From this date on, Gullco became well known in Canada as the leading experts in the field of automation for welding.



Gullco started manufacturing Electrode Stabilizing Ovens and now manufactures North America’s most complete range of Electrode Stabilizing Ovens, Flux Dry Ovens and Electrode Rebaking Ovens.



Gullco developed and patented the KAT® welding and cutting automation carriage.  This Carriage has since become world-renowned as the most durable and versatile automation carriage on the market. Along with its accessories, it enables virtually any semi-automatic welding process to be automated at a fraction of the cost of specially manufactured automation equipment.


1968 – 1971

Gullco designed a unique weld oscillation system to be combined with the KAT® Carriage, having a totally independent, robust, and powerful oscillation head to enable the KAT® Oscillator to automate all fillet butt weld applications and with continual research and development, Gullco remains the leader in this field today.

Gullco introduced during this period a complete range of tactile and mechanical seam trackers.



Gullco International Inc. was established in Cleveland, Ohio, to sell and service the U.S. marketplace.

Gullco opened a branch office in Montreal, Quebec, specifically to look after the French Canadian marketplace.



Gullco expanded its engineering and manufacturing facilities enabling it to manufacture Weld Gantry Systems and Dedicated Weld Automation Systems.



Gullco licensed Kobe Steel, Kobe, Japan, to manufacture its KAT® Carriage, under license, enabling them to produce an All Position Carriage System for automation of their own semi-automatic welding processes.



Gullco started an aggressive research and development program, relative to the use of low voltage motors and programmable controls for all of its carriages and accessories.  The success of this program is evident as Gullco is now a leading supplier of KAT® Weld Automation Systems worldwide and it is our policy to continue an aggressive research and development program as it relates to Gullco® products for the automation of welding.



Gullco developed and patented a KAT®, designed to run on a flexible steel track  This carriage has the same vertical lifting capacity as the standard KAT®  (100 lbs. (45 kgs)) vertical, which makes it the world’s heaviest-duty all position automation carriage for operation on flexible track.



Gullco was appointed the exclusive distributor worldwide, outside of the U.S.A., for all Pandjiris heavy-duty weld automation equipment.

Gullco began the manufacture of high speed, portable, rotary shear, plate edge bevelling machines which are now being marketed and sold worldwide.



Gullco purchased its distributor in the U.K., which was handling sales in the U.K. and the EU.  This acquisition meant that Gullco International (U.K.) Limited could market its products directly through leading welding distributors throughout Europe and the U.K. and our distributor network has grown to over 80+ countries.



Gullco purchased a new 20,000 sq. ft. building in Markham, Ontario.  This move was made necessary due to an increase in sales plus additional manufacturing space needed for CNC machinery together with an increase in engineering and design facilities. This continued our commitment to expanding R&D and manufacturing as a way of maintaining quality, part availability, and leadership in the design of welding and cutting automation.



Gullco developed and introduced the MOGGY® trackless automation carriage.  The MOGGY® is a friction drive carriage for the automation of horizontal fillet, lap, and butt welding operations.  The MOGGY® uses a Gullco developed software program to produce stitch welds using distance rather than time, to provide accurate weld deposition and eliminate over-welding.



Gullco developed a new KAT® Carriage control using a more sophisticated software package which provided more precision than the previous control.

Gullco developed a sophisticated seam tracking control system.



Gullco incorporated Gullco International Shanghai Limited, a joint venture operation in Shanghai for the production of KATBAK® ceramic weld backings, which are distributed worldwide by Gullco master distributors.



Gullco opened a liaison office in Pune, India for sales/marketing of Gullco products throughout India.



Gullco incorporated Gullco International PTY Limited, Australia.  This is a sales and distribution facility which allowed Gullco products to be marketed throughout Australasia and gave Gullco a true global reach from one end of the planet to the other.

Gullco built its new world headquarters in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.  This new facility houses Gullco manufacturing operations, design engineering and sales facilities for Gullco world wide operations.



Gullco built its new European headquarters in Appley Bridge, Lancashire, England, to enable the manufacturing of specialized Gullco systems to suit the European marketplace. Together with increased space for warehousing and service facilities for all Gullco products sold throughout Europe.



Gullco introduced a new high tech electronic control used throughout the full range of all Gullco weld automation products.



Gullco introduced a new weld seam tracking system, together with a new mini side beam carriage.

Gullco International Shanghai Ltd. obtains ISO 9001 : 2000.



Gullco introduced a magnetic version of its MOGGY® Trackless Automation Carriage, enabling this carriage to travel both vertically and horizontally for the automation of welding.

Gullco moves its KATBAK® ceramic weld backing manufacturing facility to a new 3,000 sq. mtr. facility in Shanghai.



Gullco re-engineers its KBM® high speed plate edge bevelling machine.

Gullco introduces a new through hole table top mounted welding positioner.

Gullco Latin America is formed.



Gullco introduces a new line of linear and radial weld oscillator accessories with programmable memory capabilities, motorized oscillation width and joint track steering.



Gullco introduces its new orbital pipe welding automation equipment, called Pipe KAT®.  It is immediately received with enthusiasm throughout the pipe welding world.



To meet future sales and production requirements, Gullco adds 20,000 sq. ft. to its Newmarket manufacturing facility.



Introduced the Electronic Arc Height Sensor, KBM® cutter design changes, and the addition of a dedicated saleperson in Singapore.


The orbital welding carriage Pipe KAT® is redesigned for use on a rigid aluminum extrusion track bands. This and further improvements were made to the existing carriage to improve its effectiveness in pipeline and power generation fabrication processes. 



The Gullco India Liaison Office is given official branch status and becomes, Gullco International India PVT Ltd.


Gullco celebrates its 65th year as a global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality welding and cutting automation solutions.



The release of the re-engineered KAT® 300 series automation carriage. The first of its kind. An entirely tool-less setup and adjustment. The re-imagined KAT® 300 continues the legacy of the original and brings a whole host of new features to the KAT® keeping it the industry-leading welding and cutting automation carriage.



Gullco becomes the worldwide distributor for the Pushcorp® weld shaving system. Ideal for shipbuilding applications the weld shaver dramatically reduces the fuel consumption of ships by improving the aerodynamics of the hull by removing the weld face.

the introduction of the ALS (Arc Length System) for the automatic control of the torch height in Tig and Plasma applications.



Through the combination of customer loyalty, dedicated employees, and an essential business designation Gullco was able to navigate the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and continue operations throughout its global sales and distribution operations.

Supplied automation equipment for critical structural welds on the SpaceX SN9 Rocket



Remained open globally throughout the Covid-19 pandemic through critical business designations and high profile contracts. Our adherence to public health recommendations and workplace PPE allowed us to carry on with very limited infections and no workplace spread.



Gullco International Inc. moved to a larger facility in Macedonia, OH. to allow for expansion of our manufacturing and warehousing capabilities in America.

Launched our new line of linear oscillation slides and fine adjustment slides for integration with new and existing products. These slides provide process control of the welding torch and allowed for existing products to be adapted to new welding applications.



Gullco International Inc. purchases its building in Macedonia OH. continuing the tradition of Gullco’s ownership of the facilities we operate from.

Integration of the fine adjustment slides and the KAT 300 series automation carriage in combination with our remote control oscillator opens up new opportunities for automating the girth weld in pipeline construction.




Gullco has the expertise to offer worldwide weld automation assistance in weld procedures, as well as complete on-site training for the use of Gullco products in the weld automation of oil storage tanks, LNG spheres, pipe welding, shipbuilding, etc., specializing in the field of vertical and horizontal welding.

Gullco has its own sales and service centers, as well as an extensive distributor network in most countries throughout the world, providing sales and service for Gullco products, both on a direct basis with Gullco and through the network of Gullco distributors.

Gullco is committed to continuing research and development to improve its standard line of weld automation systems together with designing new weld automation systems to reduce weld costs and improve quality at an affordable cost for the world marketplace.


Gullco worldwide trademarks are as follows:


KAT®  Welding and Cutting Automation

MOGGY®  Trackless Weld Automation Carraige

KATBAK®  Ceramic Weld Backing 

KBM®  Portable Plate Edge Beveling Machines

Pipe KAT® Pipe Welding Automation

SAM®  Heavy Duty Carriage for MIG and Subarc