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  1. What is a Welding Tractor?

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    Gullco International manufactures and distributes automated welding solutions across major international markets globally. We’re constantly refining our product offerings to ensure our clients have access to a diverse and state-of-the-art array of automated welding and cutting tools for use in the field and factory. Welding tractors, or welding carriages, are one of the most versatile welding solutions available on the market for any organization that needs a full range of welding capabilities at a moment’s notice. Learn more about different types of welding tractors, the benefits they offer, and how to choose the right welding tractor or weld type for your next project.

    Welding tractors are automated, fully mechanized welding systems that do not need continuous human control. This equipment can accommodate MIG, TIG, FCAW, and SAM welding operations without requiring a human operator at the helm. These tools offer a high degree of weld consistency without the risk of human error, more efficient and higher deposition welds without sacrificing quality, and more cost-effective welding that can increase your profit and scale of operations.

    Types of Welding Tractors

    While welding tractors all feature automation and autonomous capabilities, the mechanisms they use differ. Two of the most popular types of welding tractors are self-propelled welding tractors and track-mounted welding systems.

    Self-Propelled Welding Tractors

    Some welding tractors are self-propelled welding systems. Unlike fully manual or hybrid systems that rely on the continuous handheld control of a human expert, welding tractors can operate a welding torch autonomously. They can be programmed to apply the right speed and torch orientation for any repetitive welding job, making them a convenient and automated solution for critical projects. Welding tractors can also fit into very small work spaces due to their compact size and autonomous operation.

    Track-Mounted Welding Systems

    Track-mounted welding equipment relies on an aluminum track and moves forward and backward along a rail. Each unit uses a rack and pinion system to stay on the track while facilitating movement to complete welding tasks. The rail system is very rigid and secure, which allows this system to produce extremely accurate and precise welds. Track-mounted welding tractors can create horizontal, vertical, and overhead welds.

    Advantages of Using a Welding Tractor

    Welding tractors offer a lot of benefits, including increased employee safety, precision, and usability within narrow confines. Three of the most valued advantages of welding tractors over manual or hybrid welding tools are:

    • Efficiency: Welding tractors are extremely precise and accurate. Not only does this cut down on time and material waste for each weld, but it also ensures that there are fewer mistakes, further cutting down on waste and rework.
    • Consistency: Because each movement and weld is tightly controlled by the automated system, the output is extremely consistent. Welding engineers can set the instructions, welding parameters, and conditions before the work even begins. This fine-tuned control includes indicating when the welding tractor will start and stop, the arc length, and the speed and weld pattern depending on which process is being applied.
    • Portability: While some welding tractors are heavy and can be fixed in place, there are also lightweight and portable options that are meant to be taken to remote locations or used in the field. Portable welding tractors, like the KAT carriage, are used on a pipeline or at a construction site, used for general purposes in a shipyard or trailer yard and have minimal setup time and are easily moved from joint to joint.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Welding Tractor

    Already, you’ve seen the mention of a few different welding automation systems, such as self-propelled , track-mounted systems, and portable welding tractors. There are a lot of different pieces of equipment on the market, and it’s important to choose the right one. Consider the following factors:

    • The position of the welds you need to frequently complete
    • Accessories you might need
    • The preferred type of welding process, such as flux-cored, TIG, stick, or MIG
    • The anticipated applications and welding processes

    What Welding Process Is Right for You?

    As you consider different welding processes, start by considering the right welding process. Consider:

    • The needed amperage or welding power source ‘size’ per duty cycle based on the general thickness of the metal being welded
    • Whether you prefer single-pass welding or can allow for multiple passes (which may require more time and burn through more duty cycles)

    Welding tractors offer more precise control of these and other welding parameters so users can increase their arc-on-time rates.

    Invest in Welding Tractors From Gullco

    At Gullco, we provide our clients with easy access to an array of automated welding solutions like welding tractors that are built to help them grow. Contact us today to learn more about our services or reach out today for more details. You can request a quote online or reach us at (440)-439-8333.

  2. Considerations When Buying Portable Welding Automation Equipment

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    At Gullco International, we specialize in providing worldwide access to welding and cutting automation equipment. For over 70 years, our company has helped manufacturers around the world improve their weld quality, productivity, and work environment with our modular automated welding systems. Our portable welding automation equipment is built to provide versatile welding capabilities that maximize efficiency and quality while minimizing reliance on human intervention. Learn more about our automated welding equipment solutions, how to determine what solution is the best fit for your organization, and how Gullco International can help.


    At Gullco, we sell equipment that helps welders maintain the movement of the arc to ensure the welds produced are safe and of the highest quality. Our units are designed to hook up your welding equipment, taking the welding gun out of the welder’s hands and preventing the welder from tiring due to uncomfortable positions. Our equipment’s purpose is to keep precise control over speed and torch position during the welding process, increasing personnel safety and allowing the welder to focus on bead creation and weld parameters.

    Our automated welding machines are utilized in various industries such as:

    • Shipbuilding: Automated welding equipment improves the overall process of creating patrol boats, tankers, aircraft carriers, tugs, barges, luxury liners, etc., and increases welding speed. Shipyards have used automated welding equipment to stay ahead of the curve by significantly reducing the cost of rework and welding.
    • Storage tank construction: Portable automated welding machines are used in difficult areas that are traditionally done by hand. Reducing material handling and providing efficiencies in the field that traditionally are only available to factory environments. Welding is done more efficiently, and defects are significantly reduced with our automated welding machines.
    • Bridge construction: Construction projects depend on automated welding equipment to attain longevity and structural integrity. Overhead welding is one of the hardest positions to control the weld puddle in, companies can use Gullco’s welding and cutting automation solutions to reduce costs, meet deadlines, and overcome labor skilled shortages during the building process.
    • Oil and gas pipelines: Finishing a welding project at an oil rig demands precision and accuracy that Gullco’s automated welding solutions can provide. The number of imperfections is significantly reduced, and the likelihood of corrosion is low because of excellent welds.
    • Energy: It has become increasingly important to keep up with the welding requirements necessary to provide the high-quality welds for energy generation. With Gullco’s automated welding solutions, it is easy to provide an accurate weld.
    • Construction equipment: Gullco’s automated welding solutions help to attain a high-quality weld necessary in construction work, by providing modular equipment that is adaptive to the unique part formations common with dump truck beds and excavator arms.


    If you are thinking of buying a portable automated welder, you first need to conduct research to help you select the right unit for your application. To help you choose the best equipment, consider the following things:

    • Welding position: Usually, welding operations take place on workbenches. However, onsite welding might require you to squeeze into some tight spaces. Portable welding machines are space savers and will fit into tight spaces with you; however, some weld positions are easier to automate than others, making it crucial to consider if your weld will benefit from automation.
    • Welder skill level: A portable welder is ideal for DIYers and amateurs. Experienced welders might want a more conventional welding machine. That said, a conventional machine will have to stay in your shop. A portable machine might be the way to go if you are a professional welder who often travels for work.
    • Weld quality: Certain applications require stricter adherence to welding parameters than others. Consider whether your project will require reworking if a weld does not pass inspection. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and portable welding automation equipment can reduce the need for reworking.
    • Joint access: Joints that are located in hard-to-reach areas can greatly benefit from automation equipment.
    • Number of passes: For applications that require multiple passes, such as gas pipelines, ship hulls, and storage tank walls, automation equipment can improve weld quality compared to manual welding. Manually welding multiple passes increases the chance of defects or weld failure.

    Buying Portable Welding Equipment from Gullco International

    At Gullco International, we’re a leading provider of automated welding machines built to meet the needs of companies across different industries. Contact us today to learn about our different portable welding equipment options or request a quote to get pricing details.

  3. STATUS UPDATE – September 1, 2020

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    STATUS UPDATE – Sept 1, 2020

    GULLCO Global Operational Status by Company

    GULLCO Int. Ltd. Headquarters, Newmarket Ontario, Canada
    Fully Operational

    GULLCO Int. Inc., Cleveland Ohio, USA
    Deemed Essential Critical Infrastructure – Fully Operational

    GULLCO Int. UK Ltd., Appley Bridge, UK
    Fully Operational

    GULLCO Int. India PVT Ltd., Pune India
    Fully Operational

    GULLCO Int. Pty. Ltd., Brisbane Australia
    Fully Operational

    GULLCO International Shanghai Limited, Shangai China
    Fully Operational

    GULLCO International Limited – Singapore
    Employees working from homes

    Weldspray, Sao Paulo Brasil
    Employees working from homes

    GULLCO International is monitoring the ever-changing climate of the pandemic, in addition to monitoring communications and following Government guidelines. This post will be updated to reflect any new breakthroughs or changes.  At this time, Gullco International has adopted the following precautionary measures:

    Any employee who has traveled via a commercial airline or cruise ship will be required to remain at home, in self isolation, for 14 days upon their return. Furthermore, any employees showing signs of illness must not come to work and will not be permitted to return to work until they are no longer showing symptoms.

    GULLCO International supports and promotes its employees:

    • to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently
    • to sanitize all high-touch surfaces within their work environment
    • to wear personal protective equipment where appropriate.

    We are doing everything we can to safeguard our workforce and to minimize any potential disruptions to our company operations. Thus far, both our plant and our raw material supply chain remain mostly unaffected and, at this time, our lead times remain stable.

    The health and safety of our team, families, customers, and communities continue to be our highest priority moving forward, and we will do everything we can to adapt to the current situation while continuing to provide you with exceptional service.

  4. 1 Million Mile Club

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    As a company Gullco attends over 20 trade shows a year in various countries around the world, we have distributors in over 80 different countries and have supplied welding automation solutions to every continent on the planet. As a salesman, I have been no stranger to air travel and have recently become a member of the Million Mile Club for Air Canada. I did not receive a visit from the pilot on my flight to Mexico when I reached this milestone and it was not like a scene out of the movie Up in The Air,  but as I contemplate the number of times I have circled the globe and the unique places that this job has provided me the opportunity to go I realized how unique of an experience both a customer and an employee has when working with a company like Gullco.

    We believe in our products and service so passionately that we fly from the top to the bottom of the world to show people our products and teach them about automation so that we can make sure projects get finished on time and under budget. It’s the kind of automation that gets you out of the factory and into the middle of the desert in Ghana. The type of welding solution that puts you into the mountains of Peru or the rain forests of Brazil. Going to these remote locations and training people on our equipment or setting up distributors is what makes Gullco such a unique company. There are very few in the industry with as much of a commitment to the relationship between the products, the service and the people in the field as we have.

    Its not just about selling welding equipment. Its about meeting people, experiencing the different parts of the world and their cultures and how we are all brought together by the industry of welding. By providing our equipment to these places we have been able to assist in bringing electricity, fresh water and water storage to cities which didn’t have it before. Build bridges, ships and railcars to help improve trade and make doing business more economical. Improve the quality and productivity in welds to make businesses more competitive and improve the health and safety of its welders.

    After flying what is the equivalent of going to the moon and back and equal to 40 times around the earth I have met many friends, in many countries. Have traveled over 100 days a year. Eaten food I cant pronounce in places I cant pronounce.  I have been from the north of Russian to the south of Chile and back again. All the hours in planes and airports and hotels and restaurants is worth it when you know your doing your part in bringing a better quality of life to people around the world.

  5. The Water Taxi

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    water taxi

    During a trip to India there was an opportunity to travel to Bangladesh to visit Shipyards. Western Marine in Chittagong City gave us an invitation to discuss welding automation and how to implement improved productivity solutions in their shipyard. Upon our arrival we were told that the only way to the yard was by water taxi which was provided by Western Marine.


    As we got closer to the yard, however, the low water levels made it impossible for the water taxi to go any further. We would have to make use of a row boat to get us the last 500 meters to the dock. When we arrived we were greeted like dignitaries. One of the most memorable journeys to a shipyard I have experienced.

    Row Boat

    Their challenge was that their manpower was at the maximum for their size and were looking to automation to increase the productivity of the existing manpower they had. After walking through the shipyard we identified some bottle necks in their production and found two areas where great improvements could be made. We sold them some muti-pass weld oscillation carriages and track automation to suit their needs. The great thing about this solution for them was that the KAT® Oscillator could be used for a variety of different applications and could be equipped for cutting applications if necessary. By automating the welding process great improvements to the weld quality were achieved eliminating much of the rework as well as minimizing stops and starts which vastly improved the arc on time of the welding process. These two improvements alone helped the shipyard to reach their goals and get back on schedule.

    KAT Oscillator - Shipbuilding - 2G welding

  6. Distributors Go the Extra Mile

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    One of the things that separates Gullco from other companies in the industry is our Distribution network. We have worked hard over our 60 years in business to build great relationships with companies around the world who have the same passion for welding as we do. One of these companies is Stuch Schweißtechnik in Germany. Like many of our distributors the employees at Stuch have become our friends and their commitment to Gullco extends far beyond sales.

    Gullco Distributors

    Gullco Distributor Gerhard Stuch runs Bonn Marathon sporting Gullco orange attire.

    Every year Gerhard Stuch (Owner) runs in the local semi-Marathon of his town of Bonn. Gerhard has recruited members of his family to run with him and it has become a yearly tradition. Special congratulation to his grandson who finished first for his age category!

    Marathon Finish
    Running in a Gullco orange outfit complete with Gullco hat, Gerhard shows just how committed he and Stuch Schweißtechnik are to the company. It is special to think that we have built such a great relationship that companies like Stuch are willing to represent Gullco in their personal time. This is just one example of how our distributors have a growing commitment to our company and our products. Whether it is making a service call or demonstrating our products. Local distributors like these have become a pinnacle element in Gullco’s ability to serve the world welding market with automation solutions, parts and service. Check out our distributor page!

  7. Four Pigs and a Penstock

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    4 Pigs

    Welding automation sales can take you to some very unique places. World travel and remote locations become common place, strange food and great stories a part of everyday life. This story takes place 8900 ft. above sea level in the Andries mountains near Huanuco, Peru.


     I happened upon these 4 pigs while ascending the mountain switchbacks on my way to meeting some fellow Gullco employees at the site of a 6 meter diameter penstock. The site was part of a project being constructed to divert water for the purpose of power generation. Well underway, the setup of the KAT® weld oscillation carriage was being used to produce continuous welds, 4 meters long, in the vertical position. The customer was a large Brazilian contractor and I spent the night in the camp along with the 600 employees living at the work site by the river.


    It is rewarding to know that Gullco is playing a part in improving the productivity in such an important hydro electric project. Once complete the plant will provide thousands of rural Peruvians with power. Weld automation really does bring it all together.

  8. Visit Gullco at FABTECH Canada – Booth 2315

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    This March from the 18th-21st we will be exhibiting in the second annual FABTECH Canada show.  We will have a variety of our welding and cutting automation solutions including our KAT® carriage, used for continuous welding or cutting operations in a variety of applications such as shipbuilding, tank welding, beam and crane construction, pressure vessel manufacturing and many others.

    Also on display will be our Pipe KAT® orbital welding system. A fully integrated pipe welding solution which is ideal for field pipeline manufacturing and power plant construction applications.

    The MOGGY® Fillet welding carriage, KBM Series plate beveling machines, carbon arc gouging automation, electrode drying ovens, and weld positioner system  can also be seen.

    To see other tradeshows, Gullco will be exhibiting at around the world visit our tradeshows page.

    We hope to see you there!

  9. Gullco Celebrates 60 years of Welding Automation

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    Over the past 60 years Gullco has come a long way from its small beginnings in Ontario, Canada. Now with over 100 employees and customers in over 80 countries we have truly expanded into a global company.

    Thanks to the many people and companies who have played a part in Gullco’s growing success.

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