As more and more infrastructure projects get underway and the competition for these projects becomes increasingly more competitive companies have to adopt welding automation into the planning phase in order to reduce cost and increase price competitiveness during the bidding process. The effective use of Gullco welding and cutting automation solutions can provide the productivity and quality necessary to meet production deadlines, reduce costs and overcome skilled labour shortages during the fabrication process.

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The construction industry handles many types of structures, each with a different size, ‌complexity, and purpose. Some of the most crucial considerations in the construction industry include durability and structural integrity, which is why metal is one of the most commonly used materials within this sector. Because of this, welding plays a critical role in infrastructure, aiding in the fabrication of structurally sound frameworks as well as repairing and restoring unstable or broken existing infrastructure.

Welding Applications

Welding methods such as gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, and more are used throughout the construction industry to build or repair various types of infrastructure. Common applications include:

Construction Welding
Welding techniques are regularly employed in the construction of various residential and non-residential structures. Primarily, welding is used to build structural frameworks from metal materials. For example, welding can fuse together I-beams, columns, trusses, and more to help support the floors, roof, and walls of a building.

Smaller buildings don’t require structural welding as much as large, high-rise buildings that need thousands of metal joints. Construction welding can also be used to build non-structural building elements, including floor joists, handrails, stairs, firewalls, and more.

Bridge Welding
Structural welding is used to build reliable metal frameworks for large infrastructure projects such as bridges. Bridges are constructed from a wide range of metal components that must be welded or fastened together, including beams, latticework, trusses, arches, and more.

Welding is not only used to construct new bridges, but it also plays a critical role in the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing bridges. Since bridges are a crucial aspect of daily transportation, it is important to keep them in structurally sound condition through the use of effective and reliable welding techniques.

Industrial Construction
Industrial construction refers to any structure used for industrial purposes, including buildings and systems for power generation stations, mills, refineries, manufacturing plants, and other types of facilities. Welding is used throughout industrial construction for a wide variety of purposes, including the fabrication and maintenance of industrial equipment, pipelines, support structures for large components, and structural frameworks.


Benefits of welding in the construction industry include:

  • Durability. Durability and structural integrity are extremely important to infrastructure, as any structural failure can lead to a catastrophic loss of life and resources. All structures are built to be long-lasting and typically weigh thousands of tons. Having strong and durable weld joints ensures the longevity and reliability of the structural framework.
  • Flexibility. Due to its flexibility, welding is one of the most common fabrication methods used throughout the construction and infrastructure industry. There are several welding techniques available to handle nearly any size, metal grade, or work environment.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Welding is relatively affordable compared to various other types of fabrication processes. Investing in the right welding solutions for your infrastructure project can deliver the quality and productivity you need to reduce costs during your construction project.

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Welding is a crucial process for the infrastructure and construction industry. Not only is it invaluable in the construction of new structures, but welding is also critical to the rehabilitation of bridges, industrial buildings, and more. At Gullco International, we offer a range of automated welding and cutting solutions designed to improve the quality and productivity of your infrastructure project while helping to lower costs, meet deadlines, and overcome labor shortages.

For more information about our welding automation equipment, or for help finding the ideal solution for your infrastructure project, Contact us or request a quote today.