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Gullco Flexible Track and KAT Travel Carriages: Irish Cement Ltd. Cement Kiln Repair Automated Welding Case Study

Product Application File – Irish Cement Kiln Repair

Irish Cement - Kiln Replacment SectionIrish Cement - Kiln Plasma Cutting and Welding

Irish Cement was required to remove a section of the kiln to facilitate removal and replacement of one of the tyres. This involved cutting out the section very accurately, as it had to be replaced after the new tyre had been fitted, and making the bevel cuts on both the remaining sections of the kiln and also the section that had been removed.

In this case, Gullco were asked to supply the equipment and the services of an engineer to oversee the installation, set up and actual cutting of the kiln. Irish Cement were using contractors for this project and they were responsible for making the cuts.

Again, the equipment went together very well and was installed easily and accurately. The cuts were completed with no problems and well within the allotted time.

For projects of this and similar nature, the Gullco flexible track and Kat carriages have been proven to be unbeatable. The equipment can be used for flame cutting, plasma cutting and most welding applications. Versions of the Kat carriage are available with hydraulic drives for use in hazardous areas.

Irish Cement - Flexible Track and Carriage on KilnIrish Cement - Kiln Cross SectionIrish Cement - Welded Kiln Section

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