Product Applications – Portable Beveler

Gullco KBM-18 Portable Beveling Machine and KATBACK Ceramic Weld Backing Case Study: Ohio Fabricator Replaces Flame-Cutting to Reduce Cost and Improve Quality with Cleaner Cuts and No Heat Distortion

Product Applications - Portable Beveler

Product Application File – Portable Plate Edge Beveling of Titanium

Image to the left: KATBAK Ceramic Weld Backing effective in creating x-ray quality back beads.

Small portable bevelers have enjoyed success replacing larger planing machines and flame cutting equipment for beveling of aluminum and low carbon steel. Recently a company based out of Ohio gave one of these small machines a tough new assignment beveling of titanium plate. The firm fabricates ASME Code vessels of titanium, zirconium and tantalum. Most of the vessels go to petroleum processing plants.

Product Applications - Portable Beveler

In the past the heavy section titanium plate would be sent to an outside vendor where an open side plaining machine would bevel the plate edges. The company would also take part in some in house flame cutting where operators would flame cut thick sections. This operation left a heat affected zone and grinders had to remove heat-affected metal. Plate farmed out for beveling added cost of handling, shipping and purchased machine time.

When the company put the KBM-18 to the test on the heavy titanium the high speed portable plate edge beveler proved its worth. The beveler immediately got to work and has earned steady duty there at the factory. It machines clean cuts in titanium, taking over work formerly done by flame cutting, outside machining and nibbling in sections. The biggest benefit other then the greatly reduced production cost is that KBM bevelers eliminate heat distortion which results in a more quality weld.

Beveling with the Gullco machine is quick and easy. An operator wheels the machine to the work piece and with spring loaded castor wheel assemblies the beveling machine will accommodate for any uneven surface making for a clean machined bevel every time.

Product Applications - Portable BevelerProduct Applications - Portable Beveler

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