Welding Automation Improves Overlay Processes

Welding Automation Improves Overlay Processes

The Parameters

  • Arc Voltage: 28 Volts
  • Amperage: 150 amps
  • Torch Angle: 90°
  • Oscillation: Linear (20mm width)

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The Project

The Queensland company IMES has begun using a Plasma Transfer Arc Welding (PTAW) process in the repair of their mining equipment. Through the use of Gullco International Pty Limited’s KAT® Welding Travel Carriage and Electronic Arc Height Sensor (EAHS) combination IMES was able to increase production while reducing the overall cost.

The precise control over the welding parameters helped maintain the job integrity and welding processes. Specifically the critical “arc current” was precisely maintained through the use of the EAHS System which automatically adjusts the torch height to maintain current levels.

The Challenge

IMES was faced with the problem of high wear and abrasion on critical steel mining equipment. A solution was needed when pressures to reduce costs where met with the need to maintain high quality welds and welding processes. Gullco’s technical sales team assessed the application and where able to supply the equipment necessary to overcome this problem and meet the requirements of the welding engineers on site. It was important that the equipment supplied for the completion of the application be versatile enough to work with existing welding power sources and equipment.

The Solution

The use of the KAT® Welding Travel Carriage and Electronic Arc Height Sensor (EAHS) in combination with the PTAW welding process solved the problem of reducing over all cost without sacrificing weld integrity. The Gullco welding automation equipment supplied leaves a smooth surface which does not reduce the flow of material.

The automation process involved little heat transfer and as a result, very little change in the physical properties of the parent material. The plasma arc transfer process in partner with the welding automation from Gullco tripled the life of the steel mining equipment.

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