Considerations When Buying Portable Welding Automation Equipment

At Gullco International, we specialize in providing worldwide access to welding and cutting automation equipment. For over 70 years, our company has helped manufacturers around the world improve their weld quality, productivity, and work environment with our modular automated welding systems. Our portable welding automation equipment is built to provide versatile welding capabilities that maximize efficiency and quality while minimizing reliance on human intervention. Learn more about our automated welding equipment solutions, how to determine what solution is the best fit for your organization, and how Gullco International can help.


At Gullco, we sell equipment that helps welders maintain the movement of the arc to ensure the welds produced are safe and of the highest quality. Our units are designed to hook up your welding equipment, taking the welding gun out of the welder’s hands and preventing the welder from tiring due to uncomfortable positions. Our equipment’s purpose is to keep precise control over speed and torch position during the welding process, increasing personnel safety and allowing the welder to focus on bead creation and weld parameters.

Our automated welding machines are utilized in various industries such as:

  • Shipbuilding: Automated welding equipment improves the overall process of creating patrol boats, tankers, aircraft carriers, tugs, barges, luxury liners, etc., and increases welding speed. Shipyards have used automated welding equipment to stay ahead of the curve by significantly reducing the cost of rework and welding.
  • Storage tank construction: Portable automated welding machines are used in difficult areas that are traditionally done by hand. Reducing material handling and providing efficiencies in the field that traditionally are only available to factory environments. Welding is done more efficiently, and defects are significantly reduced with our automated welding machines.
  • Bridge construction: Construction projects depend on automated welding equipment to attain longevity and structural integrity. Overhead welding is one of the hardest positions to control the weld puddle in, companies can use Gullco’s welding and cutting automation solutions to reduce costs, meet deadlines, and overcome labor skilled shortages during the building process.
  • Oil and gas pipelines: Finishing a welding project at an oil rig demands precision and accuracy that Gullco’s automated welding solutions can provide. The number of imperfections is significantly reduced, and the likelihood of corrosion is low because of excellent welds.
  • Energy: It has become increasingly important to keep up with the welding requirements necessary to provide the high-quality welds for energy generation. With Gullco’s automated welding solutions, it is easy to provide an accurate weld.
  • Construction equipment: Gullco’s automated welding solutions help to attain a high-quality weld necessary in construction work, by providing modular equipment that is adaptive to the unique part formations common with dump truck beds and excavator arms.


If you are thinking of buying a portable automated welder, you first need to conduct research to help you select the right unit for your application. To help you choose the best equipment, consider the following things:

  • Welding position: Usually, welding operations take place on workbenches. However, onsite welding might require you to squeeze into some tight spaces. Portable welding machines are space savers and will fit into tight spaces with you; however, some weld positions are easier to automate than others, making it crucial to consider if your weld will benefit from automation.
  • Welder skill level: A portable welder is ideal for DIYers and amateurs. Experienced welders might want a more conventional welding machine. That said, a conventional machine will have to stay in your shop. A portable machine might be the way to go if you are a professional welder who often travels for work.
  • Weld quality: Certain applications require stricter adherence to welding parameters than others. Consider whether your project will require reworking if a weld does not pass inspection. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and portable welding automation equipment can reduce the need for reworking.
  • Joint access: Joints that are located in hard-to-reach areas can greatly benefit from automation equipment.
  • Number of passes: For applications that require multiple passes, such as gas pipelines, ship hulls, and storage tank walls, automation equipment can improve weld quality compared to manual welding. Manually welding multiple passes increases the chance of defects or weld failure.

Buying Portable Welding Equipment from Gullco International

At Gullco International, we’re a leading provider of automated welding machines built to meet the needs of companies across different industries. Contact us today to learn about our different portable welding equipment options or request a quote to get pricing details.

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