Ceramic Weld Backing

At Gullco International, we specialize in the supply of welding automation solutions. We manufacture and distribute a range of welding-related products, including KATBAK® ceramic weld backing

KATBAK Ceramic Weld Backing

Our KATBAK ceramic weld backing products are non-toxic and enable manufacturers to form complete welds in a single pass and X-ray-quality back beads on root pass from one side of the joint. They have a broader heat-receptive and pressure-sensitive foil design for superior adhesion to the workpiece. They are available in standard sizes ranging from 1/4 inch (6.3 millimeters) to 2 inches (50.8 millimeters). However, specialty sizes and configurations are available upon request. 

If you want to eliminate defects and rework and/or minimize the need for costly gouging and grinding requirements in your welding operations, our KATBAK ceramic weld backing materials are here to help. 

What Is Weld Backing?

Weld backing refers to material placed at the root of a weld joint that supports and shields the molten metal used to form the weld. It is added before the front side of a joint is welded. Its main purpose is to ensure the weld fully penetrates the entire joint. 

Weld backing can be permanent or temporary. Permanent backings are generally made from the same or similar base material as the workpiece being welded, while temporary backings are typically made from copper or ceramic. The former is designed to become a permanent part of the welded joint, while the latter is designed to be removed once the weld is finished.  

What Is Ceramic Weld Backing?

Ceramic backing material is a form of temporary weld backing. It offers a number of advantages over other weld backing options. For example: 

  • It allows fully penetrating welds to be created from one side of the joint in a single pass, which is ideal if the area around the joint is tight or blocked.
  • It minimizes/eliminates the need for grinding out or re-welding the weld root from the reverse side.  

Together, these advantages can lead to improved operational efficiency and scalability. 

How Do I Set Up Ceramic Weld Backing?

How Do I Set Up Ceramic Weld Backing

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Ceramic weld backing is an excellent option for supporting and shielding molten metal during welding operations. However, it must be set up and used properly to work as intended. 

The process for using ceramic weld backing is as follows: 

  1. Remove the ceramic weld backing from its packaging
  2. Size the ceramic weld backing to fit the joint 
  3. Remove the backing film from the adhesive sections of the ceramic weld backing
  4. Apply the ceramic weld backing to the center of the joint
  5. Create the weld on the front side of the joint
  6. Allow the gas to disperse fully
  7. Remove the slag
  8. Remove the ceramic weld backing

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