Improved Cement Kiln Repair Processes

Improve Shipyard Welding Processes With Automation Carriage

The Preparation

  • Diameter: 4 to 4.5m (13 to 14.8ft)
  • Thickness: 50 to 60mm (2 to 2.3 inches)
  • Preperation: X and V groove
  • Travel Speed: 8 – 20 IPM
  • Gas Pressure: 8 psi
  • Oxygen Pressure: 90 psi

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The Project

Irish Cement has been producing cement for over 60 years and in order to maintain their competitive advantage they must have their facility in precise working condition. This is why when they were faced with removing a section of the kiln they turned to Gullco Int. welding and cutting automation to facilitate removal and replacement of one of the kiln tyres.

The Challenge

The section to be removed had to be very accurately cut out as it had to be replaced after the new tyre had been fitted. Making an accurate cut involved also making bevel cuts on both the remaining sections of the kiln and also the section that had been removed so the new section could be fitted together precisely for reattachment. As a result of the time it would take to make the appropriate cuts and the necessity to have such accuracy, cutting automation was chosen to overcome these challenges.

The Solution

Gullco International UK Limited were asked to supply the equipment for the cutting application as well as being asked to supply the engineering expertise to make the appropriate cuts accurately. Gullco has a team of industry professionals who have a combined experience of well over 100 years in the welding and cutting industry and a technician was sent along with the equipment to oversee the installation, set up and cutting of the kiln.

The equipment supplied for the job went together very quickly and easily due to the design of the automation equipment supplied by Gullco. The flexible track which was used to bend around the 4m diameter structure comes in 8ft sections and has interlocking ends to make installation quick and simple.

The KAT® Automation Carriage was combined with the a cutting package and the cuts were completed with no problems and within the allotted time.

Gullco flexible track and KAT® carriages have been proven to be effective time and again. The equipment can be used for flame cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting and most welding applications. Versions of the Kat carriage are available with hydraulic drives for use in hazardous areas.

The Reputation

Gullco International is a world-renowned manufacturer of automatic welding carriages, cutting carriages, welding automation and accessories. Gullco’s weld automation equipment improves quality and increases welding productivity while reducing cost through its industry approved products which have been available since 1954. The KAT® welding travel carriage is used throughout the world in a variety of applications including: Shipbuilding, Tank Welding, Sphere Welding, Structure Steel, and various custom applications. Through the versatility and experience of the Gullco welding automation products the KAT® or other automation solutions from Gullco can be configured to meet the requirements of most applications.

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