FABTECH Was Cancelled…Now what?

FABTECH Was Cancelled…Now what?

With the official announcement of the FABTECH cancellation what is traditional a yearly ritual for our sales team, is now a void that must be filled.

Handshakes and face to face time with friends, customers and prospects will leave those companies looking to research and purchase new technologies with a task not easily replicated in the digital world. However, with our recent partnership with WELD.com, we are trying to overcome the hurdles left in place after the cancellation of FABTECH by using their tremendous combination of welding and technology enthusiasm, partnered with what has grown to be an unrivaled audience online.

In WELD.com’s FABTECH cancellation series Gullco sits down with them to go over our KAT 300 series welding and cutting automation carriage and answer a few questions for there audience.

With what will certainly go down as one of the hardest years in the industry over the past few decades, both the world and the welding industry are adopting new strategies. By taking advantage of platforms like YouTube to demonstrate and engage with new and prospective customers we look to help them improve their efficiency, increase productivity and adapt to a new world where automation is of critical importance to the success and future of many industries.

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