GULLCO® and Translas Announce Global Distribution Partnership

GULLCO® and Translas Announce Global Distribution Partnership

“A future forward alliance for a healthier and more efficient welding industry”


January 21/2020 – Woodstock, Canada – Translas, a premier global manufacturer and leader in
on- torch fume extraction, has announced a partnership with GULLCO International Limited. With this partnership, GULLCO will serve as the global distributor of Translas’ newest fume extraction solutions, such as the Translas 7XE Semi-Automatic Fume Extraction welding gun and the ClearO2 W-Series hi-vac units, designed and engineered for welding automation.

As the announcement was made, Translas Canada’s Executive Director Duncan Beaumont commented, “We are very pleased to partner with GULLCO as our global distributor of the Translas fume extraction solutions, the 7XE Semi-Automatic Fume Extractor welding gun in combination with the ClearO2 W-Series hi-vac units. With air quality regulations being a growing concern globally and with automation gaining traction worldwide, we see a strong potential for growth in a wide variety of applications. GULLCO has been a leader for more than 66 years in the automation industry and is a trusted international manufacturer and world supplier of welding automation including welding carriages, cutting carriages and plate beveling machines for automated welding and cutting to global manufacturing brands. GULLCO is an ideal partner for Translas and we look forward to a successful collaborative partnership.”

GULLCO is pleased to work with Translas as a premier partner and to add the 7XE Semi-Automatic Fume Extractor welding gun and ClearO2 W-Series hi-vac units to their portfolio of products designed with exceptional engineering. According to Nick Drake, GULLCO’s Global Marketing Manager, “GULLCO is enthusiastic to enter into an exclusive distribution agreement with Translas to further influence the welding industry with a future forward alliance.”

Health and Safety Concerns Associated with the Welding Process
Welding fumes contain vapours, a mixture of airborne gas by-products and fine particles. The composition of the mixture depends on the welding method and the products that are welded. The vapours and gases released during welding can lead to serious health problems. Short-term exposure can result in nausea, dizziness, or eye, nose and throat irritation. Prolonged exposure to welding fumes can lead to cancer of the lung, larynx and urinary tract, as well as nervous system and kidney damage. Certain gasses, such as helium, carbon dioxide and argon, displace oxygen and argon can pose suffocation risks, particularly in enclosed work areas.

The Translas 7XE Semi-Automatic Fume Extractor
Extraction at the source proves to be the safest and most effective solution to achieve a healthier work environment. The Translas 7XE Semi-Automatic Fume Extractor is a welding gun engineered to capture hazardous welding fumes directly at the source. The Translas fume extraction solution extracts up to 95% of the welding fumes directly at the source. When using the Translas 7XE in combination with the ClearO2 W-Series hi-vac units, the harmful welding fumes and individual particulates are no longer released directly into the air; they are captured immediately as generated.

Translas 7XE Fume Extractor welding guns and GULLCO Moggy® Automated Trackless Welding Carriage in action
Translas 7XE Fume Extractor welding gun on source fume extraction nozzle closeup

The Translas fume extraction system reduces the amount of welding fumes and particulates in the workplace to less than 1 mg/m3 during an 8-hour working day. The legal threshold in Canada for welding fumes in the workplace is 5mg/m3 over the span of an 8-hour workday. Individual particulates such as manganese and hexavalent-chromium threshold regulations can vary by province, but with the Translas solution these particles are also extracted successfully at the source before becoming airborne.

The Clear O2 W-Series Mobile Filtration Hi-Vac Units:
The ClearO2 mobile filtration units are designed to accompany the 7XE Semi-Automatic Fume Extractor guns and work efficiently in combination with the GULLCO KAT® or Moggy®.
The 7XE Semi-Automatic Fume Extractor and the ClearO2 hi-vac units offer powerful filtration with an efficiency > IFA 99.8%. The units are compact, lightweight and mobile, making it easy to change locations on the job.

About Translas – “Engineering the new standards by welders for welders”
Translas is a Dutch manufacturer of welding guns since 1960, founded “by welders, for welders” with a passion for innovation and new technologies. We engineer innovative products that boast a distinctive design as well as quality and functionality.

Welders’ safety is of paramount importance to Translas. The company’s goal is to globally reduce
workers’ exposure to hazardous fumes and to provide a healthier and safer work environment, therefore establishing higher productivity and profitability. Some of our pioneering products include fume extractor guns with a built-in module to safely extract welding fumes at the source and portable extraction units.

Translas has grown at a fast pace over the last few years. With the recent opening of Canadian distribution channels the company is focusing on key partnerships with companies utilizing smart technologies globally to influence today’s manufacturing industry towards “the future”.

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